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Download Program Agenda: Click Here

Invited Lectures    

  • Visible light activity of nanoporous carbons: The effect of surface chemistry and porous structure
    Teresa Bandosz, City University of New York, USA
  • Measuring adsorption kinetics using macroscopic techniques
    Stephano Brandani, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Understanding and Harnessing Polymorphism in Nanoporous Molecular Frameworks
    François-Xavier Coudert, Paris ChemieTech, France
  • Discovery and Computational Characterization of Novel Materials for Shape Selective Separations
    Christodoulos Floudas, Princeton University, USA
  • Hybrid Porous Materials for CO2 Reduction
    Karl Johnson, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Separation of gas mixtures with porous coordination polymers
    Martin Hartmann, University of Erlangen, Germany
  • Coarse grained molecular modeling of porous materials
    Erich Muller, Imperial College, London, UK
  • Recent progress in combining SAXS/SANS and physisorption for the characterization of ordered and disordered mesoporous materials
    Bernd Smarsly, Giessen University, Germany
  • Post synthesis expansion of pore dimensions in conventional zeolites
    Valentin Valtchev, University of Caen, France
  • Characterization of Gas Shales for Enhanced Natural Gas Recovery and Carbon Storage Applications
    Jennifer Wilcox, Stanford University, USA


Submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations will be open on May 1, 2014; deadline – October 1, 2014